The patented PCW 1000 is a lightweight, self-contained mobile car wash system that will allow you to wash a large inventory of vehicles in a very short amount of time.


Portable Car Wash 1000

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If you are a dealership and looking for a way to reduce your expenses, ...MARTIN MOBILE CAR WASH EQUIPMENT can keep your cars looking new... for less! Check the statistics here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? How many  psi’s does the PCW 1000 produce? How long are the booms? These questions and others are answered here!

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 The patented PCW (Portable Car Wash) 1000 system allows you to wash mass amounts of cars in a short amount of time. Made for dealerships and professional auto detail companies, the PCW 1000 is a self-contained, mobile car wash system that can be used on most full size trucks. Loading and unloading this mobile car wash equipment requires only two relatively strong, healthy adults.

 Our mobile car wash equipment is ideal for dealerships with a large inventory of autos or an excellent way to start your own business in the auto detailing industry.  

 The PCW 1000 is made for vehicles held on dealership lots where the vehicles, whether new  or used, are relatively clean and are in need of minimal upkeep. You will be amazed at how much money you can save with our mobile car wash equipment!


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